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Group Discussion: No "Reply" Button on Comment

2014-05-13 05:09:51 (GMT)

Oakland, California

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No "Reply" Button on Comment

I need to explain to Raymond why he should not eat the berries that Lauren photographed, but there is no "Reply" button on his comment.  This is located on the picture Lauren took called "Winter Berries".  

I took a snapshot of it and would paste it here - but I don't think I can attach a photo to this discussion.  Is there a way to do that to so I can "show" you what I am seeing?



posted 3 years ago


Maggie: The comments extend two levels beyond or below the related topic (a Spark in this case). You can reply to the best area of the string, but not create a third-level comment.

Re: Photos in Comments: No, you can't add a photo to a comment.

The two elements above aren't on our development road map. However, we're always reviewing it. Thanks.

posted 3 years ago
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