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Group Discussion: Creators versus brands

2014-06-02 19:30:29 (GMT)

Bloomfield Twp., Michigan

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Creators versus brands

Great job NS team!  Wondering how to keep track for billing purposes when there might be multiple creators for a brand or corporation, would it just be one identifying address/person for the entire account?  People often move, change jobs, so keeping track is key (perhaps multiple contact points?). 

Any way for a content creator for a brand/business etc. to be recognized/identified so they can get some personal feedback/recogntition?  A personal account/creator is pretty clear.  A business one might be more complicated.

posted 4 years ago


Richard: Yes, we plan to address the billing setup as part of our product road map. No, we're not planning another publish-as variation, but we'll consider your comment as the hub evolves. Thanks.

posted 4 years ago
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ThaThanks Chris: My thought is that PR and advertising agencies might be the ones who are most willing to pay for content to the site. Because of the social aspect, and the desire for most people to be recognized, they might be attracted to a feature that does so. Just a thought.

posted 4 years ago
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