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Group Discussion: Potential marketing tool

2014-06-02 20:13:10 (GMT)

Bloomfield Twp., Michigan

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Potential marketing tool

Aricle in June 2014 Inc. Magazine by Tom Foster "Along Came Molly".  Small start up is revoltionizing E-commerce by putting its product sales in people's regular Facebook News Feeds, alongside posts from their friends.  Customers do not have to go to a different tab to order (as major retailers did and failed). The business grew organically with no marketing expense.  Apparently not considered intrusive.   Major retail execs have joined the start-up, and will expand beyond baby children's clothing.  Not sure if this is applicable/relevant to NS.  Only an FYI.

posted 4 years ago


Richard: Thanks for the share -- I'll look out for the article.

posted 4 years ago
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