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Group Discussion: DIY Marketplace - Photo Not Uploading

2014-10-27 22:07:31 (GMT)

Oakland, California

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DIY Marketplace - Photo Not Uploading

Hi there!  I'm at it again, trying to upload the a new photo for the group.  It is still not showing up.  It's a new photo (or rather jpeg) I designed.

Any thoughts?  Shall I email to you to see if you an upload it?  Are there size limitations?  I do not get an error message.  The photos shows up initially, but when I save it - it is not there.  


posted 3 years ago


Maggie: Hi! Yes, please email to us, and we'll take a look. Thanks.

posted 3 years ago
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Looks like you solved it - thank you!

posted 3 years ago
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Great -- you're welcome!

posted 3 years ago

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