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Group Discussion: Adding Photos To Group Sparks/Posts

2014-10-28 04:19:23 (GMT)

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Adding Photos To Group Sparks/Posts

I'm excited to start sharing content in the DIY Marketplace group.  Apologies if I have asked this before - but can I add an image to either "Publishing An Update" or "Starting a Discussion"?  And what is the difference between these two types of posts?  How should we be using them differently?



posted 3 years ago


Maggie: When you add a link in the Publish an Update box, the image from that web page will appear, so in that case, an image will appear in your update. The Publish an Update allows you to post a single update atop the rows of discussions below. The Start a Discussion, which doesn't support images, allows you to open a stand-alone discussion/question on a single topic within the group. Thanks.

posted 3 years ago
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