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Group Discussion: News Spark - Photo Didn't Upload & Editing Issues

2014-11-01 22:22:53 (GMT)

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News Spark - Photo Didn't Upload & Editing Issues


I posted my first News Spark.  Exciting!  Unfortunately, my image/logo wouldn't upload.  It's a large jpeg.  Are there size dimensions we should be aiming for?

Additionally, I added the web address/link in two place.  In the body copy - it doesn't become a live link, just stays text.  I also selected the option "to add a link" and I'm not seeing that once published.  

Finally, I've tried to edit a few times, and it looks like I'm being directed to a back end side of NewsSpark (will email you screenshot).  I closed and opened NS a few times, in Safari & Chrome.  



posted 3 years ago


Maggie: The hub supports images up to 3 MB, so, yeah, the jpg was too large. To make a link live in the body of a Spark, highlight the link and make it live by clicking on the link icon in the text editor and adding the url into the box. The issue related to the add link field is due to a bug that will be fixed in the hub shortly. The edit Spark error page was likely due to the initial upload of a pdf file, which the hub doesn't support. Now you can go ahead and re-publish that Spark under your brand. Thanks.

posted 3 years ago
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