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NewsSpark™ is the social content hub™ where creators publish original content through their favorite mediums.

NewsSpark features original news, blogs, updates, photos, and videos on every topic — or Sparks — and catalogs of Content Creators, Brands and Groups.


Creators publish Sparks in the open and organized hub to complete their content-marketing cycles — by allowing their content to live and work for them indefinitely versus vanishing at other digital channels: where content is fleeting, disorganized, unfindable, isolated, in a closed network or an ad unit.

Creators also use the hub as a platform to package, consolidate and digitally present their complete range of content in a professional-grade user interface.


When compared to a pre-NewsSpark baseline, the hub is designed to potentially increase multiple near- and long-term content-marketing metrics: brand awareness, SEO and social search, audience, engagement, web traffic, subscribers, coverage by bloggers and media outlets, inbound leads and sales, as well as customer service, loyalty and advocacy.

The hub also delivers cost and staff savings on managing and sharing digital content.

The community

The organized hub of original, user-ranked content is a meritocracy and front-line source for anyone who consumes digital content: customers, partners, investors, journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Creators increase or decrease a Spark's stoke count — and hub-wide rank — when they stoke it, douse it or mark it as a firestarter.

Creators feature their Sparks at their profiles, trade comments and join the Community's Groups.

Sparks are published by anyone with great original content: enterprises, small businesses, startups, nonprofits and the public sector, as well as bloggers, social media users, photographers and video producers.

The big picture

The hub will donate 5% of its income to The NewsSpark R. D. Ehrlich Communications Scholarship at colleges across the country, beginning with UCLA and Denison University.


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