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"'New social feature: Invite a friend' (@News_Spark)"
NewsSpark Invite a Friend feature
The Invite a Friend option at the My Account button and related invitation box make up the hub's latest social feature.

New social feature: Invite a friend

2014-11-22 15:59:00 (GMT)

East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United StatesWhen people receive an invitation from you, they never forget it.

Who should you invite into the Private Beta of NewsSpark?

You can invite anyone who’s a creator or consumer of digital content. They can be a friend, colleague, connection in your network or social media followers.

They can be any type of creator who’d like to share what they’re creating: they might work in communications, the online industry, own a business, be a social media aficionado, photographer, blogger, video producer or front-line consumer of digital content.

The Invite a Friend box

Click on the My Account button at the top right of any page to open the drop-down menu. Click on the row labeled Invite a Friend.

You’ll see a box appear where you can add the email addresses of those you’d like to invite. They’ll receive a simple invite message from us.

You can also copy your unique referral link in the box and paste it wherever you want to invite others into the hub. You can paste the link into an email, in a blog post review of NewsSpark and in a status update at your favorite social channels.

Referral count

Any time a fellow creator signs up for the social content hub via your Invite a Friend message or your unique referral link, you’ll be logged in our system as the referrer.

You can amass a referral count that we’ll assign a to-be-determined hub value or designation to at a later date.

Down the road

At any time, you can see what other features we’re planning to develop at our product road map.

-Chris Ehrlich

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Neat stuff.  I enjoy seeing the latest product updates.

posted 2 years ago
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Wow, this site is superb, very professional! 

When NewsSpark gets out of beta, will content creator profiles, blog posts etc. be picked up by search engines?  I am looking to the day when people doing searches on a particular person/subject will have the NewsSpark piece pop up.  Congrats on a fantastic roll-out/development process.

posted 2 years ago
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