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NewsSpark™ is the social content hub™ where creators publish original content through their favorite mediums.

NewsSpark features original news, blogs, updates, photos and videos on every topic — or sparks — and catalogs of content creators, brands and groups.

The community

Sparks are published by anyone with great original content: small businesses, startups, enterprises, nonprofits and the public sector, as well as bloggers, social media users, photographers and video producers.

The open and organized hub is a meritocracy and front-line source for anyone who consumes digital content: customers, partners, investors, influencers, journalists and bloggers.

Creators also rate everything in the hub with a set of “stoke it,” “firestarter” and “douse it” icons, feature their sparks at their profiles, trade comments and join the community's groups.


Why? Your content vanishes everywhere else. At NewsSpark, your content lives and works indefinitely.

Benefits? Think content marketing.

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