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In a nutshell

Who uses NewsSpark?

  • Sparks are published by anyone with great original content: small businesses, startups, enterprises, nonprofits and the public sector, as well as bloggers, photographers and video producers. The open and organized hub is a meritocracy and front-line source for anyone who consumes digital content: customers, partners, investors, influencers, journalists and bloggers.

Why do they publish sparks?

  • Creators publish sparks in the open and organized hub to complete their content marketing cycles — by allowing their content to live and work indefinitely versus vanishing at other digital channels: where content is fleeting, disorganized, unfindable, isolated, in a closed network or an ad unit. 

What are some of the benefits of publishing sparks?

  • When compared to a pre-NewsSpark baseline, the hub is designed to potentially increase multiple near- and long-term content marketing metrics: brand awareness, SEO and social search, audience, engagement, web traffic, coverage by media outlets and blogs, inbound leads and sales, as well as customer service, loyalty and advocacy. The hub also delivers cost and staff savings on managing and sharing digital content.

Can I share my sparks, email them to my contacts or link to my NewsSpark profile from elsewhere on the web?

  • Sure, creators use sparks and their profiles to package, consolidate and digitally present their complete range of content in a professional-grade user interface.

Why shouldn't I just post my content to my website/blog?

  • You should absolutely post your content to your site/blog, which is a great stand-alone address on the web. NewsSpark is a hub of digital content where you can plant and promote your content to engage new audiences that don't visit your site/blog.

Why shouldn't I just post my content to my Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.?

  • You should definitely leverage your content wherever you can. NewsSpark is the channel that completes your content marketing cycle — by allowing your content to live and work indefinitely versus vanishing at other digital channels: where content is fleeting, disorganized, unfindable, isolated, in a closed network or an ad unit.

Where does my spark go?

  • Sparks are published in the social content hub, where they can be discovered, consumed and shared. NewsSpark is a pull-marketing platform — versus a push-marketing service.

How is NewsSpark different from a newswire?

  • Wires distribute news en masse to news organizations and websites that accept their feeds. Wires can be great tools, and NewsSpark is a great complement to them.

Does publishing a spark satisfy the SEC's disclosure requirements for publicly traded companies?

There's no industry category for me?

  • Tell us the industry or sub-industry you're thinking about at ask at newsspark dot com.

I have a question that's not answered here. Where can I send it?

  • ask at newsspark dot com

Ratings & community

What does stoke it mean?

  • You think that spark should get bigger and brighter. +1 stoke.

What does douse it mean?

  • You think that spark is a particularly sub-par piece of content for the medium — and not a piece you purely disagree with philosophically. Think karma. Creators who over use or abuse the douse it button, based on usage patterns, will be banned from the community. -1 stoke.

What does firestarter mean?

  • You think that spark is original, informative and an example of high-quality content for the medium. +3 stokes.

How do you determine a creator's firestarter score?

  • Scores are tallied from the stokes their content has received, published sparks, logins, comments and posts to the community section.

How do I post to groups?

  • Sign up and start posting.


What content is prohibited?

  • Prohibited sparks include, but are not limited to, content that's unoriginal, plagarised, inflammatory, libelous, spam, pornographic, hateful or supportive of illicit activity. Prohibited content will be removed by NewsSpark or flagged by creators, and publishers of prohibited content will be banned from the community. Please see Terms of Service for complete information.

Can I combine sparks?

  • Yes, sparks can be combined into a multimedia spark when creators publish a news or blog spark.

How long will my spark stay in the hub?

  • Sparks published before the hub's optional paid blaze membership is implemented will burn indefinitely. Please see Terms of Service for complete information.

Behind the scenes

Do you have any gear?

  • Yes, we have a line of T-shirts for fans of awesome T-shirts.

Where are you located?

  • East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Who's behind NewsSpark?

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