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"Some top B2C Facebook posts: Chevy, Target, Starbucks"
Caramel Flan Latte
The seasonal Caramel Flan Latte by Starbucks.
'Purple Your Profile'
Chevy's corporate social responsibility campaign in partnership with the American Cancer Society.
Target Facebook post
A shot of one of Target's top-performing Facebook posts: an offer of fraud-protection services to customers after a data breach.

Some top B2C Facebook posts: Chevy, Target, Starbucks

2014-10-28 03:30:00 (GMT)

East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United StatesWhat does a successful B2C Facebook post look like?

We combed through the Facebook timelines of three giant consumer brands to see what types of content they’re sharing — and what’s working for them.

The top posts below equate to a random sample of what posts perform well for the brand during an average month, in this case January 2014.

Each top post earned the distinction by having more shares than any other posts by the brand that month. A share is the greatest action a user can make for a brand on Facebook.

The common factor

Macro marketing: Each of the top posts is connected to the brand’s annual strategic marketing plan. In other words, the short post is a major event on the editorial calendar, coordinated many months in advanced with marketing teams.

1. Chevy

Top-post type

corporate social responsibility (CSR), cause marketing

“Purple is more than just a color - purple is finishing the fight. Stand strong against cancer with Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society by turning your Facebook profile picture purple, and help us put an end to cancer once and for all. For every purple profile picture, we'll donate $1 to the American Cancer Society up to $1,000,000! Purple Your Profile here: http://spr.ly/spyp

Social engagement

6,272 shares, 1,865 likes and 438 comments

Overall Chevy page likes: 3,394,161

Top-post elements

money where your mouth is (i.e., budget allocation); parntership with a well-knonwn nonprofit; mass-appeal cause; orchestrated virality; participatory campaign; channel-specific campaign; clear call to action; landing page; time related

Post link

Here's the post at Facebook

2. Target

Top-post type

crisis communications

“Because we value you as a guest, we’re providing all guests who shopped in our U.S. stores with one year of free daily credit monitoring, as well as a free credit report, identity theft protection and personal assistance from a fraud resolution agent. Here’s how to get started: http://tgt.biz/CRMO

Social engagement

12,469 shares, 8,903 likes and 1,412 comments

Overall Target page likes: 23,285,418

Top-post elements

money where your mouth is (i.e., budget allocation); proactive; authentic; inherent virality; clear call to action; landing page; photo-less; message driven; time related

Post link

Here's the post at Facebook

3. Starbucks

Top-post type

Seasonal product availability

“Caramel flan drizzle atop caramel-infused whipped cream. The Caramel Flan Latte is here.”

Social engagement

22,529 shares, 208,870 likes and 10,332 comments

Overall Starbucks page likes: 37,678,688

Top-post elements

unabashed product release announcement; product rollout; photo driven; branded photography; product description; minimal copy; no call to action; no landing page; time related

Post link

Here's the post at Facebook

Chris Ehrlich

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Picture alignment works just great!  Excellent, professional analysis. 

posted 4 years ago
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This is useful info for me. 

The number of FB shares a client receives definitely helps me figure out the quality of the message/content.

posted 4 years ago
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Great article!  Note the picture alignment with the text (on my computer it runs over).

posted 4 years ago
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