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"Using a dealer rewards program can help dealerships increase business and retain customers"
Dealer rewards key tag

Dealer rewards programs allow customers to earn money and provide dealers with tools to encourage repeat business

Use a dealership rewards program to increase business

2015-02-17 17:26:00 (GMT)

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United StatesUse a dealership rewards program to increase business

Encouraging repeat business with existing customers is low-hanging fruit that many dealerships often overlook. Keeping track of existing customer information, and using that info to offer well-timed deals and promotions, doesn’t have to involve a significant time or expense. A dealer rewards program, such as The Dodson Group Dealer Rewards Program, gives dealerships the opportunity to reward customers and build their loyalty, without extra paperwork or added time.

What is a dealer rewards program?

Dealer rewards programs offer a way to build and strengthen relationships with customers, and ultimately increase customer loyalty. Under Dodson Group’s program, customers are issued dealership branded key tags and an ID card to use each time they visit to keep track of their transactions, which also serves to create top-of-mind brand awareness. Contact information and transaction history are uploaded to the Dealer Rewards System in the cloud, where the data is continuously updated. As customers purchase qualified items, they earn cashback rewards to be used on future products and services offered.

In the program, customers receive rewards and a customized buying experience, and dealerships receive branded materials, such as ID cards, key tags, brochures, and posters. Having access to the rewards database also gives dealers the ability to access customer information, and connect with past customers. This data can be used to better understand customers, and to secure their repeat business.

Take the human error out of rewards tracking

Once a customer’s dealer rewards information is entered into The Dodson Group Dealer Reward POS program, their purchases and rewards are automatically tracked at each subsequent visit, regardless of whether or not the customers remembered to bring their rewards card with them. This ensures transactions are being tracked, without being thrown off by human error. 

Steadily grow repeat business

Successfully retaining customers and gaining their trust can provide a much higher ROI than generating new business. As customers complete the sales cycle, they should be reminded that they can continue to rely on the dealership for service in the future. Steady repeat business from a high percentage of customers can accumulate to a significant amount of valuable recurring income for the dealership.

Nurturing repeat business requires staying in touch with personalized communication. With an automated rewards program, dealers can tailor email marketing messages to customers’ needs and interests. First oil change reminders, 30,000 mileage service visits, tire rotations or seasonal changes - custom, timely messages reinforce the dealership’s role in ongoing service. Showing customers the dealership is looking out for their interests, and striving to meet their specific needs, builds trust and loyalty.

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