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NewsSpark partners with Uberstock

2015-04-14 02:30:00 (GMT)

East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United StatesWe've partnered with a top stock video production company.

Our partnership with Uberstock in Oregon City, Ore. is setup to help it maximize the digital potential of the original content it produces and shares.

“Uberstock is a great medium-specific partner who clearly knows video,” said Chris Ehrlich, founder, NewsSpark. “Their video library is vast. Their industry experience is broad. And they’re ready to share that knowledge in the hub. They’ll be an excellent source on video production for the community.”

Beginning during our private beta phase, Uberstock will publish two types of Video Sparks in the hub: its highlight videos that feature clips of its stock video footage and videos by industry-leading brands that feature Uberstock footage.

Uberstock will then publish Video Sparks, Blog Sparks, Photo Sparks and Update Sparks in the hub that feature the original content it produces as part of its multi-medium editorial calendar.

The Sparks at its NewsSpark profile will be on several video topics, such as pre-production, production, post-production and more.


Uberstock, founded in 2007, has produced a library of more than 14,000 clips of stock video footage.

The company’s clips have been sold more than 70,000 times and used by some of the world’s most-recognized brands.

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Fantastic news!  Great fit for both Uberstock and NewsSpark.

posted 2 years ago
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