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"NewsSpark partners with MSU Spartan Innovations"
MSU Spartan Innovations

NewsSpark partners with MSU Spartan Innovations

2015-04-22 02:30:00 (GMT)

East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United StatesWe've partnered with the innovation division of a public university that turns the school's inventions into businesses.

Our partnership with Michigan State University Spartan Innovations in East Lansing, Mich. is setup to provide a digital PR and marketing benefit during our private beta to MSU’s spin-out portfolio companies, as well as The Hatch, the MSU student business incubator, and contestants of The Hatching, a monthly Lansing-area startup idea competition for seed funding and startup resources.

The partnership is described in a communication to the division’s network of startups and entrepreneurs.

MSU Spartan Innovations provides the educational and financial support necessary to turn MSU research technologies into successful Michigan businesses — and spur entrepreneurship in the Michigan economy.

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As an MSU grad, I pretty stoked about this.

posted 4 years ago
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Go Green!  Young, savvy entrepreneurial start ups/ contestants should realize the benefits of using this powerful tool to communicate their message.

posted 4 years ago
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