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"A series on social media & the entrepreneur: #1  - A crash course"
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A series on social media & the entrepreneur: #1  - A crash course

2018-02-03 01:55:00 (GMT)

East Lansing, Michigan, United StatesBy Kaitlyn Setter

I can see it now…

Fresh-out-the-gate, bright-eyed, and determined to change the world while making money doing it — you just launched a startup or want to become an entrepreneur.

But guess what?

A business isn’t a business without customers and you’ve just started. So, odds are, your customer base and general awareness are low. However, before you get discouraged, I’ve got great news.

There is a tool that, if utilized correctly, will help you gain loads of customers while simultaneously boosting your startup’s exposure. It’s simple, cheap, engaging, and you probably use it every day. Heck, you probably even found this blog because of it.

That’s right, it’s a little thing called social media.

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East Lansing, Michigan

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