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"MSU Foundation names Traci Cannon chief financial officer"
Traci Cannon

MSU Foundation names Traci Cannon chief financial officer

2016-06-06 23:41:00 (GMT)

Lansing, Michigan, United StatesThe Michigan State University Foundation announced today that its Board of Directors has approved Traci Cannon’s advancement, making her the MSU Foundation’s first Chief Financial Officer

“Traci’s service to the Foundation—and the Michigan State University community—is long-standing,” said MSU Foundation Executive Director, David Washburn. “By making her an officer of the Foundation, we are honoring Traci’s passion for and dedication to the stewardship of our mission.”

Cannon joined the MSU Foundation in 1996 as an Administrative Assistant. In 2006, Cannon was promoted to the role of Financial Administrator, and then Director of Finance.

“The Foundation has changed considerably within the last several years,” said Cannon, “and I have had the honor of helping to shape what it has become today.”

As Chief Financial Officer, Cannon is charged with building on the Foundation’s mission, which is focused on providing Michigan State University with resources to achieve preeminence in its role as a leader in research, discovery and innovation

“I am privileged to play a role in how we at the Foundation invest in both Michigan State University’s strategic vision and in creating a dynamic, vibrant economy across the region,” said Cannon. “We believe the Foundation plays a crucial role in creating a space that attracts the very best researchers, faculty, and students, as well as the most determined innovators and entrepreneurs.”

“It has been a privilege to watch Traci’s growth, since 2006,” said MSU Foundation Director, Joan Garety. “Her continued stewardship of the Foundation’s financial position is outstanding, as well as her knowledge of all facets of the Foundation’s operations. She is a pleasure to work with, and we are fortunate to have her talent and drive.”

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