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"AGA Marvel unveils innovative clear ice machine technology with illumination effect and new energy-saving options"
Marvel Premium Refrigeration

Clear ice machine with arctic illuminance.

AGA Marvel unveils innovative clear ice machine technology with illumination effect and new energy-saving options

2016-09-07 01:10:00 (GMT)

Greenville, Michigan, United StatesLuxury appliance manufacturer AGA Marvel released its new collection of Marvel Clear Ice Machines with Sapphire Blue and Arctic Illuminice Lighting, and new energy-saving features to conserve up to 25% water and electricity.

Still the quietest and clearest, Marvel engineered its new clear ice models with design and performance attributes that align with the company’s national consumer research. This resulted in greater operating efficiency, enhanced controls, improved service reliability and bolder aesthetics. Waterproof Illuminice lighting projects vivid LED lighting from below for a dramatic illumination effect. And, ice production is now up to 39 pounds of clear ice daily, the equivalent of over five convenience-store bags of ice.

“We’re poised to change the way purists and cocktail connoisseurs enjoy fine spirits and beverages,” says brand manager Leah Kalemba. “Ice quality is a critical component in the composition of a drink, especially with rare, ultra-premium scotch or bourbon. Dilution affects flavor, and the purer the ice, the better a drink tastes as ice melts. Marvel clear ice is unrivaled in clarity, and this new line will certainly elevate the home entertaining experience.”

Marvel employs a fractional freezing process to create high-density, slow-melting ice with pristine purity, much like a fine chocolatier tempers chocolate to a solid state for the best quality and flavor. Other clear ice machine brands reuse water run-off with inconsistent and sometimes cloudy results.

Marvel Engineering Director Jim Holland took the physics of ice melting into great consideration when developing the new line, “The ice shape is optimized to provide maximum cool down with minimum dilution. This was accomplished by utilizing a 3/4” cube to maximize the density of ice in the glass to cool the drink quicker, which minimizes melt.”

Other new features include multi-function Marvel Intuit Integrated Controls with convenient settings and alarms to optimize production rates and ensure ice quality. A full-featured delayed start prevents wasteful water use and Eco Ice setting moderates ice production to a conservative rate to save 25% on utility bills.

And while it’s already the quietest clear ice machine brand, Marvel further improved sound suppression to make this new line of clear ice machines quieter than most dishwashers.

Finish options include stainless steel, black and overlay. Low profile, ADA height models are also available for universal design applications and areas with limited space or thick flooring.

Watch the product highlight video here. For more information on the new Marvel Clear Ice Machines with Illuminice, or to find a local dealer, visit marvelrefrigeration.com or call (800) 223-3900.

About Marvel Refrigeration 
Marvel products are engineered, hand-built, tested and inspected against stringent quality standards in the AGA Marvel manufacturing facility based in Greenville, Michigan.

Media Contact:

Leah Kalemba 
(616) 619-533

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