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Bike rentals in Spain...

2014-05-30 03:26:00 (GMT)

I guess a lot of large cities have these bike rentals available to the masses, where you don't interact with anyone, just use your credit card and return the bike to one of their many racks/locations. From what I saw, more people were using this service than I expected.

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You know, I haven't seen these yet in the Bay Area, but think it's only a matter of time.  I first saw this concept (embarrassingly) in US Magazine (Maggie's property) a year or two ago, in a picture of Leo DiCaprio using this service in NYC.  I was so surprised he would actually use this service, but I guess a lot of people can appreciate the concept of coming and going freely.

I wonder if GR could support something like this someday?  I know they're promoting biking and building more bike lanes etc.

posted 4 years ago
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cool shot of the row between the buildings. i love how you take us there through the caption! these bike-renting racks are growing in the U.S., though I haven't seen one. have you seen one in the Bay Area?

posted 4 years ago
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