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Footing is the Foundation: Football

2018-10-02 02:00:00 (GMT)

Soundtrack to the Game is a new series from Under Armour that pairs athlete workouts with fresh tracks from emerging hip hop artists. Our first season is focused on football and hosted by Seth Minter, aka “The Foot Doctor.”

Episode 1 in this 10-episode series starts with the foundation of every football player: Footing. We’re building core strength and on-field agility. It’s a relatively simple exercise that builds the structure for every part of your game.

This one’s all about form, so we’re locking into “Cheatcodes” by OTown Marco. It’s got the perfect beat for you to focus on as you build into a rhythm.

Own the Look:

The Foot Doctor

Shirt: UA MK-1 Logo Graphic: https://undrarmr.co/2Ndt7fS

Shorts: UA MK-11 Terry: https://undrarmr.co/2xQRZFx

Shoes: UA ArchiTech Futurist: https://undrarmr.co/2DJpezG

The Player

Shirt: UA HeatGear Armour Compression: https://undrarmr.co/2DUq118

Shorts: UA Perpetual: https://undrarmr.co/2NbF5GU

Leggings: UA Seamless: https://undrarmr.co/2RgYIRa

Cleats: UA Spotlight MC: https://undrarmr.co/2P43GPC

Gloves: UA Spotlight: https://undrarmr.co/2OosF3c


Otown Marco - Cheatcodes Freestyle (Official Music Video): https://undrarmr.co/2NSzXfU

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